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Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
and controversy bill that will weaken labor unions now the bill will make it voluntary for workers to join unions. they would not be forced to pay dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. >> legislatures will move promptly and efficiently and when it arrives on my desk i plan on signing it. >> the right to work show it is right to work for less. >> democrats oppose the measure and the bill is expected to pass. 23 other states already have right to work laws. >>> time now 6:34, two people are in the hospital after an oakland police started. they tried to pull over a suspected driver and the car took off and crashed into a fence. it happened on bond street and the driver of the vehicle was taken away in handcuffs and the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. >>> a little girl has no parents. her parents were shot to death outside their apartment around midnight on saturday. the little girl was inside the apartment and was not hurt. now she is in protective custody. police say this is not a murder/suicide. they are hoping somebody who was out saturday night may have
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
extra early because of the wet roads, although, the traffic has no major problems and through union city traffic looks good. and highway 101, the peninsular that traffic looks good on 280 as well. let's go to steve. >>> a weak front is moving through, light rain, not a lot, just taking some spots for some rain and cold air is working its way in. 38 degrees and a little bit of snow up in the sierra. the better news is the snow is coming down, even though we are fitting slow levels. partly sun nip and breezy, -- sunny and breezy and we will look at scattered showers into marin county and mill valley some say the rain has stopped but it's cold up there. richmond san rafael bridge, right near the golden gate bridge, also san leandro, hayward, san lorenzo back to fremont back over to east pound heading towards that direction, a little into the santa cruz area and temperatures will continue to drop as the cold air works its way in. so some of that cold air will be working its way in am 15s on the temperatures with your view showing this pattern is here. >>> health officials are urging people i
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
on. >> the police union says the insert comes at a time when the department is dealing with low moral a high homicide rate, and dwindling force. >>> a bizarre attack reported. a squatter accused of attacking two men. how they escaped and they have proof a squatter tried to harm them. >>> right now we want to check in with tara who is in for sal. a little foggy in the east bay? >> yeah we have patches of dense fog in the danville, dublin area so drive slowly. right now we will start in the south bay 280 near san jose. traffic on the right hand side there northbound toward san francisco at race street a little bit sluggish this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have gridlock. metering lights are on. give yourself a extra 15 minutes. in se know ma county near the raceway we had an earlier accident here. a car going over the embankment. the scene has been cleared but you can see traffic on 37 westbound still feeling the effects. here is an accident we believe was caused by the fog right lane blocked here on 680 southbound at sycamore valley road. give yourself extra time if you liv
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3